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Camshaft Sensors

This sensor can also be referred to as the Cylinder Identification (CID) sensor. As the engine rotates the sensor will signal to the Electronic Control Module (ECM) that cylinder number one is approaching Top Dead Center (TDC) and the timing of the injection pulse can be determined. On an inductive sensor, a resistance value should be seen between its terminals with these terminating back at ECM. The output signal from these units can be in either analogue or digital format (sine wave or square wave) and will depend on the manufacturer concerned. Vaxuhall have also used a Alternating Current (AC) excited sensor on their Simtec engine management system.

It is unlikely that a failed camshaft position sensor will cause the engine not to start, as this particular sensor only times the injector pulses. When this sensor is disconnected the point at which the injector fires can be seen to 'shift' giving an incorrect point at which the fuel is delivered behind the inlet valve.


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