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Performance Camshafts

Make a difference to your engine at different speeds with a performance camshaft.

Lunati Camshafts
Lunati Camshafts Lunati started custom grinding camshafts in the 1960s. Today, Lunati is also famous for its high quality forged crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons and rotating assemblies. Whether you're ready to make some serious power or just need a little bigger camshaft for your off road truck, Lunati has got you covered.
Crane Camshafts
Crane Camshafts Crane Cams called upon their more than 40 years of computer aided cam lobe profile design experience in developing new Crane Zcams? for popular V-8 engines. New Crane Zcams? are now available for computer-controlled as well as non-computer equipped cars and trucks.
Crower Camshafts
Crower Camshafts Crower Cams and Equipment Company, Inc., is a leading producer of aftermarket camshafts and valve train components. But over the years Crower has developed a more diverse line of products. Today, Crower is the world’s largest manufacturer of aftermarket crankshafts and connecting rods, and the Crower line of clutches has been dominating the drag racing and tractor pulling series for nearly two decades. Crower products are used in everything from NASCAR Winston Cup and Busch to NHRA Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock to the USAC ranks on down to Saturday night Sportsman classes and conventional passenger cars and trucks.
Web Camshafts
Web Camshafts WEB-CAM has been hard welding and grinding cams since 1945. With our knowledge, and long time involvement with the racing industry WEB-CAM has proven to be the best.
Our nickel based hard facing alloys are homogeneous materials containing complex microscopic bi- and tri-metallics. These weld overlays greatly enhance the erosion and abrasion resistance of our hard welded parts. In addition, they offer very high thermal fatigue resistance.
During our welding process a metallurgical bond is achieved with the substrate. The overlay’s natural lubricity and their resistance to galling coupled with low RMS finishes mean less wear on both our cams and your mating surfaces.

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