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Edge Performance Chips

The company was founded on the premise that Edge Products would build diesel modules that out-performed competitors “super chips” by using more of the OEM ECM (computer) signals and improve performance by monitoring RPM, turbo boost pressure, timing and fueling parameters. The goal was to improve the diesel engine’s efficiencies (horse power, torque, mileage and drivability) while providing smooth power curves that far exceed stock power bands. 

Edge Performance
Edge Performance It’s quick and it’s easy to get more power out of your Ford Powerstroke or Dodge Cummins diesel engine with the EZ Performance Module. Just plug it in and the EZ does the rest—better throttle response, increased fuel economy and reduced downshifting.
Edge Attitude Monitor
Edge Attitude Monitor Get an Attitude In-Cab Controller and make on-the-fly adjustments and power level changes to your Juice diesel performance module. Backlit LCD replaces gauges and lets you monitor EGT, Boost, RPMs and more. Easy installation, too.

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