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Jet Performance Chips

JET Performance Chips offer the most horsepower available for your car.

GM Jet Performance Chip
GM Jet Performance Chip JET Performance Chips offer the most horsepower available for your 1981-1995 GM car, truck or SUV. Add up to 23 horsepower instantly with simple, plug-in installation! Only JET Performance Chips provide exclusive, full range Dynamic Spectrum Tuning of the air/fuel ratio, ignition advance, transmission and various other parameters.
Jet Performance Chips Upgrade
Jet Performance Chips Upgrade The JET Performance Import Computer Upgrade Package is the solution to performance tuning import and domestic sport compact vehicles. Import computers do not have computer chips that are easily removed, making it necessary for JET engineers to either reprogram the vehicle’s existing chip or remove and replace the chip by desoldering it from the circuit board. The kit provides you with all the materials required to safely send your vehicle computer to JET’s lab for a high performance software upgrade. Once we receive your ECU it will be programmed according to the information you provide on the vehicle specification sheet to optimize performance and mileage to match your specific modifications.

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