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Forged Pistons

In general, a piston is a sliding plug that fits closely inside the bore of a cylinder. Its purpose is either to change the volume enclosed by the cylinder, or to exert a force on a fluid inside the cylinder. Forge your pistons to make them stronger.

FPS Forged Pistons
Fps Forged Pistons Probe FRS Forged Pistons are designed for heavy duty and high performance use when the application requires a piston that is stronger than a Cast or Hypereutectic Cast Piston. Compression Ratios are similar to factory applications and weights are generally lighter than the TRW equivalent. The FPS series is manufactured using the same ultra-modern machining techniques as the SRS and PRS series pistons.
SRS Forged Piston
SRS Forged Piston Probe SRS Forged Pistons are designed for performance and race applications where a strong, lightweight forged piston is an advantage. With well over 200 part numbers now in stock for popular Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, and Honda/Acura applications, these full-featured pistons are extremely popular for use in street and most racing combinations.
PRS Forged Piston
PRS Forged Piston Probe PRS Forged Pistons are specifically designed for racing applications. Now available for the Chevrolet 350 and Ford 2300, Probe PRS pistons are designed to be the lightest pistons available anywhere. In addition to the ultralight weight Probe PRS forged pistons are designed to radically reduce drag and enhance ring seal to increase power.

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