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Valve Springs

Single and double updated valve spring sets are available for various applications.

Comp Valve Springs
Comp Valve Springs COMP Cams have always been involved in the development of new spring designs, new materials and new processing technologies and continue to bring the best possible valve springs to the market place. Consequently, their customers are always able to take advantage of the cutting edge. From the time that the wire is made at the steel mill to the time that they place their valve springs in their customers hands, they put as much care as possible into their parts. This ensures that each and every customer can be confident that when they see their name on the box, there are only high-quality parts inside.
PSI Valve Springs
PSI Valve Springs You can trust PSI (Performance Springs Inc.) Valve Springs to out-perform all others because they are exclusively 100% American Made using the finest materials, the best CNC Equipment and state-of-the-art trade secret processing.Don't settle for those foreign-made springs of lesser quality. Insist on genuine PSI Drag Race Valve Springs and get into the winners circle!

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