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Electric Superchargers

Get some extra horsepower for a low cost with an electric supercharger.

E Ram Electric Supercharger
E Ram Electric Supercharger The E-RAM Electric Supercharger is the original, patented and the real deal! Since 1997, e-Racing Motorsports has proven the e-RAM Electric Supercharger at the dyno and at PRO RACE EVENTS. THE 2006 e-RAM is NOW SHIPPING, and is STILL 5 TO 10 TIMES MORE POWERFUL than any other "wanna-be" competitor! ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS.
Turbonator Electric Supercharger
Turbonator Electric Supercharger The Turbonator is much less expensive and more efficient than any turbocharger, supercharger, blower, or intercooler. Its superior design increases horsepower while lowering fuel costs*, and the Turbonator's performance is backed with a 30-day money back guarantee

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