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Procharger Superchargers

With ProCharger technology, reliably adding big horsepower to your engine is a lot easier than you may think. Intercooled ProCharger systems utilize exclusive features and proven technology to deliver reliable 50-85% emissions legal gains in horsepower and torque with stock motors running pump gas. ATI is the only company that has put stock 4.6 2V's and 5.0's into the 11's, and is the only company that guarantees the best performance gains. Nothing else even comes close! For modified street applications, ProCharger technology delivers 10-second ET's with the least amount of engine modifications - and with the supercharger still under warranty. For highly modified applications, ProCharger is the undisputed leader in Ford racing, with eleven national championships in the past 2 years alone. Superior products yield superior results.

2005 Mustang Procharger Supercharger
2005 Mustang Procharger Superchargers
Description HP Gain Intercooler
8-9 psi w/ P-1SC-1 65-70% Custom 3 Core
Tuner Kit w/ P-1SC-1 Call Custom 3 Core
10+ psi w/ D-1SC Call Custom 800+ HP
2005 V6 Mustang Procharger Supercharger
2005 V6 Mustang Procharger Supercharger
Description HP Gain Intercooler
7 psi w/ P-1SC 50-55% 2 Core
9 psi w/ P-1SC 60-65% 2 Core
Tuner Kit w/ P-1SC Call 2 core
2003 04 Mustang Cobra Procharger Supercharger
2003 04 Cobra Procharger Supercharger
Description Max RWHP Intercooler
10-15 psi w/ P-1SC-2 580 RWHP Factory
10-20 psi w/ F-1A 650 RWHP Factory
15-25+ psi w/ F-1A 700 RWHP Factory
2003 04 Mach 1 Mustang Procharger Supercharger
2003 04 Mach 1 Procharger Supercharger
Description HP Gain Intercooler
8, 10 psi w/ P-1SC 60-70% 3 Core
1996-04-4.6 GT Mustang Procharger Supercharger
1996-04 4.6 GT Mustang Procharger Supercharger
Description HP Gain Intercooler
8 psi w/ P600B or P-1SC 55-60% 2 Core
10, 12 psi w/ P-1SC 60-80% 3 Core

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