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Spearco Intercoolers

spearco intercoolers

Spearco Racing Intercoolers continue to be the leader in custom intercooler design and fabrication.

MITSUBISHI EVO VIII Intercooler Upgrade
This direct bolt-on high performance upgrade intercooler features the same W.A.V.E. Technology as used in all the other high horsepower race cars. This intercooler is also the largest intercooler you can fit without any modification or cutting to the vehicle. All factory mounting brackets are retained. Computer modeled round end tank design, center air inlet and outlets provide maximum boost pressure distribution, thus increasing cooling efficiency and dramatically reducing pressure drop. The W.A.V.E. Technology core is capable of dropping temperatures by as much as 220 deg. F. Kit includes all heavy duty T-Bolt clamps and silicone hose needed for installation. Approx. install time 1-2 hour.
DODGE SRT-4 Stage II Intercooler Upgrade
A true high performance factory upgrade. This bolt-on intercooler features a W.A.V.E. Technology core which allows maximum efficiency and low pressure drops. Unique end tank design allows boost pressure to evenly distribute throughout the entire core, maximizing the entire surface area of the core. 5hp gains on the stage I unit and as much as 15hp gain on the stage II unit by just bolting them on. Both units are a direct bolt-on without any modifications or cutting to the vehicle. The Stage II kit will require the removal of
the factory bumper reinforcement bar. Approx. install time
1-2 hours.
SUBARU WRX/STi Intercooler Upgrade
Spearco’s WRX intercooler kit features the largest air-to-air top-mount intercooler in the market. Utilizing the factory mounting points, the massive 4.5"-thick unit bolts on easily without any modifications to the vehicle. Factory turbo piping and blow-off valve can be bolted on easily with standard hand tools. The massive 1,000 CFM intercooler offers a very low pressure drop and extremely low charge temperatures. Dyno results have shown performance improvements of up to 15 horsepower when compared to
the stock intercooler. This kit comes complete with clamps and silicone hose. Boost pressure can now be increased without the horsepower-robbing effects of the extreme charge temperatures normally associated with compressed intake air.
1990-1996 Toyota MR-2 Turbochargerd Intercooler Upgrade
This intercooler upgrade features a massive 6" X 5.9" X 11.75" core in conjuction with a 440 CFM Spal fan for optimum performance. This design offers very low pressure drop and extremely low charge temperature. Complete kit includes all tubes, brackets, intercooler and fan. No cutting is required. Installation time is approximately 3 hours. This kit is guaranteed to out-perform any other kit on the market.
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