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Turbo Boost Controllers

Raise your turbo boost levels with a boost controller.

Turbosmart Eboost
turbosmart eboost E-Boost2 puts the user in total control of his/her turbocharger. With a host of new features and state-of-the-art software, e-Boost2 is the one accessory all owners of turbocharged cars should have! Easy to use, yet sophisticated and technologically advanced, the e-Boost2 is equally at home in a street-going vehicle as it is in a top-level racecar.
Manual Boost Controllers
manual boost controllers The manual boost controllers here can be used on virtually ANY turbo vehicle, both single and dual turbo. See for yourself how you can unlock the potential of your turbo, achieve faster turbo spool-up, and discover significant horsepower gains.
GReddy Boost Controller
greddy boost controller Greddy's new super multi-tasker is the Profec e-01. Designed as a combination: boost-controller, data display / logger and e-manage programmer, the e-01 can provide superior boost response, increased boost, warning meter functions, 3 channel data-logging, and access to all the programming feautres provided with the latest e-manage support tool. Even when used as just a boost controller the e-01 has fatures to smooth out the boost curve. With both an Auto and Manual setting for both external and actuator style wastegates, the new profec can alter its compact, high capacity solenoid valve via various RPM ranges if needed. The large LCD screen, with green electro-luminescent backlighting is easy to see. Other standard feautres includes two preset boost levels, a timed over-take boost and compatibillity with our remote switching system. The data dispaly can view 3 different data channels simultaneously; boost, RPM, or any other channel iput by the e-manage. Up to 3 hours of data can be logged on an SD card while also giving warning set points, and peak & hold values. (some features require optional harness to be accessed).
BLitz Boost Controller
blitz boost controller The SBC i-D is the newest boost controller added to the BLITZ line. This boost controller features the same dual solenoid design as the DSBC Spec R. The Dual Solenoid design allows maximum boost response and is capable of handling boost up to 36.75psi (2.5bar). The SBC DC is 1/2 din size and is compatible with any actuator type wastegates and external wastegates
HKS Boost Controllers
hks boost controller The EVC PRO is for professional use and installation only. Designed for highly tuned vehicles and race applications, the EVC PRO is adjustable up to 3.0Kpa (43.51psi) and incorporates all the functions of the EVC IV along with additional race inspired features.
The EVC PRO takes input from the vehicles ECU and sensors to allow for adjustments to boost levels and characteristics to enhance performance. Boost curves can be programmed to variables such as, engine rpm and throttle position or vehicle speed.