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Wastegates and Blow Off Valves

Divert exhaust gases away from the turbine wheel.

HKS Wastegate
hks wastegate The HKS GT Wastegate is engineered for high-horsepower and high-boost applications. It has the ability to support engines producing 600 to well-over 1000 horsepower. The GT Wastegate is able to control high-boost applications because of its precision machined 60mm stainless steel valve and heavy-duty diaphragm. The GT Wastegate also features the ability to adjust its base boost level by changing the tension on the wastegate spring.
GFB Blow Off Valve
gfb blow off valve In most cases, the HYBRID Atmosphere and Plumback totally eliminates backfiring on air-flow metered cars, but will still give the great sound you want. It has a larger venting capacity than the Mach 1, and in addition to the single trumpet it also has a plumback outlet which is connected to the Factory Valve's return line.
Turbonetics Blow Off Valve
turbonetics blow off valve The new "Raptor" mid-sized bypass valve offers physical size and airflow characteristics that fill the performance gap between the "Street and Strip" and "Godzilla" valves. Kit includes mounting hardware, flange and fittings.

Fully polished
1.5"(38mm) valve
Compact design
Adjustable preload
Sealed valve stem
1.5" (38mm) discharge
'O'-Ring-sealed valve seat
Rolling diaphram design
Both hose or horn configuration included
Turbosmart Wastegate
turbosmart wastegate The most compact 38mm wastegate on the market, featuring the common two bolt flange design used by many turbo kit manufacturers. The Ultra-Gate’s design incorporates a unique temperature isolation zone to reduce heat transfer, a true 38mm inlet port for maximum flow, an investment cast Stainless Steel body and one-piece valve for strength and reliability. We have successfully used one Ultra-Gate on engines producing up to 600HP, however in applications where the turbo is not suitably matched to the engine, this figure may not be achievable.

Ultra compact 112mm overall height (4 inch) and 100mm across (4 inch)
17-7 PH spring and Silicone Nomex diaphragm - durability under extreme temperatures and stress
Optimum actuator to valve ratio for precise boost control
Superior body design and huge valve lift ensure unrivalled flow
Supplied with weld on steel manifold flanges and gaskets
Fully compatible with all Turbosmart Boost Controllers

Supplied with 7, 10, 14, 17 & 21psi springs
Turbonetics Wastegate
turbonetics wastegate The new Turbonetics Evolution redefines performance for external mounted boost control. Utilizing the latest technology in flow design and materials, the Evolution features an investment cast 304 stainless body designed with computer flow analysis. "Nitronic 60" stainless steel one-piece valve, and polished aluminum billet cap. Nearly 25% smaller than the Deltagate, it is sized to fit into the tightest turbo systems. Fitted with a rolling type diaphragm and floating valve seat, it is equipped to comfortably handle 400+ HP and out flows the competition by almost 20%
GReddy Wastegate
greddy wastegates One of the most important components in a well designed turbo charged engine, is a properly sized wastegate. Too small of a wastegate can cause boost creep, while too large of a wastegate will increase boost lag and decrease performance. GReddy external wastegates are made from the highest quality materials to assure both stability and durability in a turbo charger's boost control. Each wastegate is adjustable as well as rebuildable. Available in 4 sizes and various spring rates. From 0.8kg/cm2 (11psi) to 1.5kg/cm2 (21psi) and up.
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